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Focusing on the front lines of COVID-19

We are committed to getting personal protective equipment to healthcare workersyaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN


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We never stop inventing. We have over 100,000 patents to prove it.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

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Every day we focus on creating meaningful solutions so you can have what you need most.
  • Vehicle Wrap Films

    yabo官网Durable, high-quality vehicle wrap films in bold assortment of colors to bring anyone’s vision to life.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

  • Exceptional 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope acoustics and precision in exciting new colors and finishes.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

  • yabo官网Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll saves you up to 50% on time, supplies and space than boxes. Simply cut, fold & press and send!yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

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Our commitments in action

At 3M we are always in pursuit of solutions that make lives better.
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    yabo官网3M launches approximately 1,000 new products each year, and, starting in 2019, 100 percent of them will have Sustainability built in. Every new product will be required to demonstrate how it drives impact for the greater good.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

    yabo官网This new product goal creates even more opportunities to collaborate with customers on solutions that improve lives around the world.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

  • 3M road safety Korea yellow carpet crossing with children


    Investing in the future to help children get to and from school

    Urbanization across the globe has been accompanied by several side effects, particularly increased traffic. We use advanced technology to address safety concerns facing your children walking and biking to and from school.yaboGUANWANG,yaboAPPGUANFANGWANGZHAN

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